Why is registration with mandatory to access the prices?

Styliafoe is a B2B site, reserved for professionals only. In order to protect your business and not allow a potential customer to access sensitive information, you must register by releasing your company details.

VAT number / VAT

Companies active in the Italian territory must have a valid VAT number in order to have their account activated. For foreign companies that do not have a VAT number, it is possible to activate the account, but at the time of purchase, the Italian VAT tax will be applied. For companies belonging to the European Union, with VAT valid for intra-community purchases, the account will be activated with exemption from the payment of Italian VAT. ATTENTION: the VAT number must be registered and active on the VIES (VAT Information Exchange System). For non-European companies, a VAT number is not required, but in case of purchase, it will be mandatory to provide a customs bill.

I can't complete my account

Write an email to:, our Customer Care will accompany you in the registration process.

I want to cancel my membership

You can write an email to: requesting a cancelation and explain your reasons.

I signed up but I am not receiving the weekly newsletters

Write an email to:, our Customer Care will contact you.

What is

Styliafoe is a wholesale of off-price designer goods.

Who are Styliafoe's customers?

All online and offline retailers, specialised in off-price sales.

Why are the prices so low?

Our company has been operating in the sector for over 30 years, and we specialised in doing big purchases of goods at highly discounted prices, and thanks to the numerous customers all over the world to be able to resell, without imposing minimum purchases with very high discounts.

Are the goods original/genuine?

Styliafoe today boasts a widespread presence in the national and international market and therefore an important visibility. All our products are purchased directly from the parent company, or companies directly connected to it authorised to sell the product. For each sale, a complete invoice is provided with all information, brand name, description, composition, sise, color, EAN code, all in order to have complete traceability of the goods, a true and only guarantee for the parent company and for all. the next supply chain.

Can I request additional documentation to support authenticity?

Yes, but only in case of an official request from the Brand. Our legal department will always be available in case of after-sales checks to support our customer.

How often is the online catalog updated?

Styliafoe inserts new items every day, to always guarantee a vast assortment of goods ATTENTION: they can sell out just as quickly!

Is there a minimum order?

For the first purchase there is a minimum order of € 200.00, an easily accessible and ideal figure for testing our service and product quality. Starting from the second order, the minimum purchase will always be € 300.00.

I have viewed the product online, but I would like to buy more quantities

Are you a buyer interested in lots from 500 to 20,000 items? In this case, write to our Customer Care (, you will be sent an offer tailored to your needs!

Is the Styliafoe warehouse all online?

No, online you will only be able to view a part of the available warehouse. Our group also distributes batches of mixed goods, B-grade batches and batches with important MOQs. These products by their nature cannot be sold through the internet platform, but require an on-site visit and / or a dedicated sales representative. If you are interested in this type of stock, contact us by sending an email to, or call (+39) 06 78 25 464/5/3 (follow the directions for Customer Care).

I have viewed the site and would like to buy, but I need assistance

Our customer care is multilingual and available from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00. Contact us immediately by sending an email to, or call (+39) 06 78 25 464/5/3 (follow the directions for Customer Care) WhatsApp number Italia: (+39) 351 704 8010 WhatsApp number Estero: (+39) 351 795 2677

What is the dedicated Customer Care service?

Our multilingual sales team specialises in sales assistance. If you think you want to become a Styliafoe customer, but you don't just want to buy online, you can request to be followed by a reference salesman, who will send you personalised offers, in preview and on request. With its help, you will be able to make targeted and continuous purchases, especially tailored to your specific needs If you are interested in this service, contact us immediately by sending an email to, or call (+39) 06 78 25 464/5/3 (follow the directions for Customer Care) Numero di WhatsApp Italia: (+39) 351 704 8010 Numero di WhatsApp Estero: (+39) 351 795 2677

How can I pay?

For all orders on the B2B platform, the following payment methods are accepted: PAYPAL CREDIT CARD (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX) BANK TRANSFER (SOFORT) Attention: Payment is required to ensure that orders are confirmed in the system.

I have received the goods, but I have items that do not conform to the order

The right of return for items that do not comply with the order is eight days from the moment of receipt of the goods. We therefore invite you to check the goods immediately upon receipt, in case of discrepancies you must immediately send an email to whose subject is "Items that do not comply with order no. (Order number)" attaching photos of the problem encountered. Non-compliant means a garment sent in a different size or color, or a completely different item, or a flawed garment purchased as a first-choice product. In this case, the procedure provides that the return is made at the expense of Styliafoe. Once you have received the garment and verified the discrepancy, you will have the possibility to choose whether to be reimbursed or to keep a credit that can be spent valid for 24 months in subsequent purchases. It is very important to return the garment in the same condition in which it was received. Returns will not be accepted if the goods are without tags, used, worn and so on.

What is not considered a defect?

Styliafoe deals with goods in stock. The stock by its nature may have been previously handled, as well as bagged for some time, as well as stationed in a warehouse. Therefore, small specks, bending and / or ironing marks or small quantities of glue on the shoes between the upper and the sole are not to be considered as defects. It is a good rule in our sector not to consider as a defect anything that is in the very nature of the garment in stock and that does not prevent its salability

I would like to buy only products of the highest quality standard, is it possible to request this service?

In case the customer wants a further high standard quality check, it is a service provided by our logistics partner, the price will be an additional € 0.50 per item.

I have received the goods, but I don't like them even if they are compliant

Also in this case you have the right to return no later than eight days after receipt of the goods. You must immediately send an email to whose subject is "Return request relating to order no. (Order number)" indicating which items you want to return. In this case, the transport costs will be at your expense. Once you have received the item in logistics and verify that the conditions are the same in which it was sent to you, you will have a credit that can be spent on subsequent purchases valid for 24 months. It is very important to return the garment in the same condition in which it was received. Returns will not be accepted if the goods are not labeled, used, worn and so on.

Delivery time

From the time of payment, our average order preparation and shipping times are 48 hours. As soon as the goods are shipped, you will receive an email with the tracking number to allow you to check the status of the shipment at any time.

I would like to complete my order but the transport costs are very high

The site is automatically linked to UPS, it may be that in your country the rate of this specific courier is too high. For this reason, we therefore recommend that you complete your order with the "Pick up in stock" option. In this way you will not pay any shipping costs, but you will complete the order and block the goods of your interest. It will then be one of our salesmen to contact other couriers to apply the cheapest rate in your area, which you will pay later, before sending the goods.